Our Core Values

We operate our business with a few core principles

  • Honesty and integrity guide everything we do
  • We build relationships, not simply a portfolio of transactions
  • Reputations are built over a lifetime, but take a moment to lose
  • We believe in relational capital (the value inherent in a company’s relationships).
  • We are disciplined, long-term investors. Never sacrifice long-term value for short-term expedience.
  • Strive for excellence in every way.
  • Be responsive and transparent in all business dealings.
  • Align interests between capital and management as much as possible.
  • Intellectual capital is the greatest asset a company has. Put people first.
  • Be entrepreneurial and flexible, but stay true to a focused plan.

Integrity: “The quality of being honest, forthright and having strong moral principles”   in·teg·ri·ty    [inˈteɡrədē]